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HOLIDAYS AT SEA FON                                                        July 2011.

Together with her sister Milena and her friends Sonja spend holiday on the Adriatic coast. The car on the train, so it will be possible to relocate frequently and visits to various beaches and historical places. The first seven daysof summer vacation ill be a truly, 100% relaxation, after that for the past days of vacation she will start running and introductory training in order when they return to Belgrade Sonja could enter quickly in full training. After several years this is the opportunity to Sonja for vacation at sea and to recharge batteries and freshness for the new season..

QUALIFICATIONS FOR FIBA EP                       June 2011.

Sonja has accepted the invitation for participation in the team of Serbia. On the third day of preparations at the training she had an easier knee injury. MRI showed that the injury be repaired. In the morning Sonja went to therapy, and trained in the afternoon. Doctoral diagnostic was that Sonja will be ready for the second half of the tournament and maybe for the start. Without a control test, it was decided that Sonja is not traveling with the team. BC Spartak conditioning coach, Mr. Srdjan Saric after leaving the team performed immediately tested and noted that Sonja was fully prepared. It was demage because she wanted to come.

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