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Sisters Milena and Sonja Petrovic started to train together and up to now their wish not to be separated is fulfilled. Sisters went to the same kinder-garden and the same primary school, they were both best pupils, they have both studied English at the Institute for Foreign Languages for 12 years now, they both play for BC Red Star and for BC Dinamo. Sonja is a professional basketball player at the Belgrade University and a student of mathematics, while the student Milena 4th class the Faculty of Medicine. To 2002. Milena years, as two years older, was always higher for some ten centimeters. Today is senior Sonja 7 cm.

    Basketball achievements
    of Milena Petrovic

..: First captain of BC Cukaricki in
    pioneers and cadets categories;
..: Gold, first place on FIBA BAM
    European Championship for Pioneers;
..: SOFK Cukarica Award for
    accomplishments in basketball;
..: Gold, first place on FIBA European
    Championship for Cadets, Turkey 2004;
..: Captain of BC Red Star cadet team;
..: Captain of BC Red Star junior team;
..: Player of BC Red Star first senior team.
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