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SPARTA & K 2011/12                                                         September 2011.

Runner-up in Europe and Russia comming into the 2011/12 season with ambitions that match the reputation of the most successful club in Europe. Compared to the previous season the team has undergone some changes but the goals are the same.
The competition consists of teams, coaching staff: Pokey Chatman, Christie Sides, Ruzanov Andrei, Steve Costalas, Srdjan Saric, Anatoly Kalaban, Grubkov Dmitri, Vladimir and Garšin players: Karpunina Marina, Nika Baric, Evgenia Belak, Candice Dupree, Kiceleva Marina, Koravuškina Tatiana, Marina Kuzina, Milovanović Jelena, Seimone Augustus, Irina Osipova, Sonja Petrovic, Jelena Škerović, Tihonenko Xenia, Rebecca Hammon.

SONJA STUDENT OF THIRD YEAR ON UNIVERSITY                   August 2011.

Sonja is at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FON), the University of Belgrade, qualify for the third year of enrollment. In so far a total of 20 exams Sonja has achieved an average rating 8.15. Work and demonstrated knowledge in exams Sonja revealed that professional sport and higher education can be both successful. With great pleasure we can determine that the cooperation and understanding shown by the dean of FON was a very high level. The Petrovic family is almost no person who has not finished college and that is a motive for Sonja's success.

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