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FOURTH SEASON TOGETHER                                                     September 2011.

At the start of our fourth season in Sparta & k. This will also be a fourth season that Sonja is under expert supervision, Pokey Chatman, Christie Sides, Srdjan Saric. . . All people share the Sonja's opinion that to be a member of Sparta & K family is very, nice, helpful and outstanding basketball career. Sonja has been working with a total of 22 coaches and if we look only senior competition this are coaches who have the longest periods Sonja educated.

EX - YU in Red Square                  August 2011.

Free day in the preparation period by players from EX - YU have used for socializing. Snezana Aleksic, Jelena Milovanovic, Jelena Škerović, Nika Baric and Sonja Petrovic spent together in the center of Moscow. Sonja (fourth season) and Jelena (second season) showed to others some of the sights of Moscow. Snezana, who plays for Noginsk arrived to see her friends and exchanging experiences. When you take into account Serbs the players and coaches who work in the Russian basketball, with seniors and youth categories, the number would be close to the 50th.

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