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Name: Sonja Petrovic
Date of birth: 18.02.1989
Place of birth: Belgrade
Passport: 003793356S
Father: Radoslav Mother: Nevenka
Address : Miloša Pocerca 28, Beograd
Phone: +381 11 2682673

Heigh: 187 cm
Clothes size: XL
Weigh: 75 kg
Shoes size: 44,5
Arms span: 193
Sargent: 55cm
Position: seven years - play
Position: six years - forward



Primary School - Petar Petrovic Njegos. For all the education in the elementary school, Sonja is Vukovac, which means that absolutely all the grades were the greatest - the best (5). The biggest prize. In the basic education received the largest awards of school, and that is: the pupil of generation. The eight years his education in his generation has achieved the highest and best pupil award is evaluated generation.


The pupil is the most, elite, III Gymnasium Belgrade. She ended gymnasium in the styl of the holder of "Vuk Karadzic" diploma - all only maximum marks. In season 2004 / 5 and if the pupil first grade, his school Sonja brings the III Belgrade gymnasium, with her sister, first place in the basketball competition Belgrade high school.


Sonja is a student of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Department of Informatics at the University of Belgrade.


In addition to learning in school, English and Russian languages, Sonja is student of Institute of Foreign Languages in Belgrade and the Department of English. Use the French and Spanish.
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