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SONJA ON ROSTER FOR NATIONAL TEAM                 April 2011.

As player with already more then 100 games for different national selections, Sonja will this time also join the national team for preparations. This season Serbian senior national team is expectinf qualifications for Eurobasket, then maybe Eurobasket and eventually University Games. Regarding that Russian Championship will be finished on 2nd May, Sonja will hurry back in Serbia and after couple days of rest and medical check – ups will join the team for preparations.

SONJA IN EUROLEAGUE                                                       April 2011.

Only 22 years old, Sonja has already four times qualified for Final Four of the biggest competition in Europe. Sonja has made it with teams of Bourges Basket and Sparta&K. She only didn’t finifhed as a third. This means there was first, second and fourth place in Europe for Sonja, which is rare even for much older and experience players. Off course everything was put on right place, the abbility of big clubs to acomplish great results and their wish to have Sonja in their team.

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