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MOTHER RUSSIA                                                         August 2011.

Orthodoxy. Serbs are Orthodox. An ordinary man in Serbia, the man from the countryside, when he found himself high and he can not resolve problems, he expecting help from God and Mother Russia. Sonja has been a member for three years in Spatra &K Moscow. Father celebrate the St.. Archangel Michael with all Orthodox customs and this celebration is in November when the sport’s season starts. Then in Moscow, someone from the family stay with Sonja. The spiritual power that comes from Christian...>>> more

Youlia FEDOSSEEVA                   August 2011.

Do you like the photos on this site? Do we have a pleasure to watch content, movement, expression, all as a part of basketball? Did you feel the quality? To this feeling we all should thank primarily to Youlia Fedossova. We want to give respect to her for her achievement and the effects of photos. Every individual, every family, want to have Youlia’s photo albums. Youlia has enabled all of us from the family Sparta & K, to be happy and close to each other. So we have a great, great, thanks for Youlia.

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