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Spartak TOP16 Euroleague December 2010.

This year's appearance in the Euroleague for the team Spartak MR is lower than any previous year, they lost the  match as guest   with only one point difference in the extraperiod. The justification is present in the form of non competing Sue Bird and playing recovered Jackson and Sonja. On a brief Christmas break  Spartak gone with the placement in the Top 16 Euroleague where expected better results.


FIBA in 2009 found that SuperCup match between the Champions and winners of the FIBA Europe SuperCup. Spartak MR in  the 2010 year  beating the team Sony Athinaikos  confirmed its dominance in Europe. Sonja with one more medal, and if the injury match watched from the bench, cheering her friends


After a joint appearance in the national teams of Yugoslavia and Serbian Jelena Milovanovic and Sonja Petrovic were practicing his longstanding desire to play together in  the same team. When this team is Champion of Europe and their satisfaction may be even greater. In the twenty-second year with over a hundred games played for the national teams of friends are at the top of European club basketball

Spartak MR  vice-champion of Russia May 2010.

RUSSIA 2010 vice-champion Spartak Spartak MR failed to win in the 2009-10 season and another trophy. In the final play of the Championship of Russia met the two best Russian and European teams.
UGMK Ekateniburg was able to get back to defeat in the Euroleague and become the Champion of Russia in 2010. Only the final  match played at a high level as expected from the world's best, Russian and European players.

Spartak Moscow European Champion 2010 April 2010.

Spartak MR is still at the top of Europe. The top24 European clubs have competed in five months with only one goal, placing the Euroleague Final Four. The world's best basketball player  Diana Taurasi has proven her  high class and domination in every aspect. Sonja was injured in the semifinal match, so the finals followed out of court


The third consecutive year FIBA  was nominated Sonja for the election ''young players in Europe``.
2009 - IV PLACE
2008 - II place
2007 - I PLACE,
Note, Sonja at season 2008 / 9 was seven months off the playing court.

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