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Season 2010/2011
Thanks to the abilities and efforts of doctors Burstain from Tel Aviv, created all the prerequisites for Sonja’s return to the field. Summer has passed in the daily hard training and September was the start of the season. Training, training, and training several times a day in Moscow. A particular problem arises as the Sparta&K composition complete slowly and on the program has not a friendly match. In October Sonja immediately involves in the competition of the Russian League and the FIBA Euroleague. And without training games, Sonja on the court was equal to other players. For the second time FIBA Supercup takes place in Athens against team Sony Athinaikos. Another win and another medal. For the first time Sparta & K experience defeats in the Euroleague. As a last ranked team in the Euroleague quarterfinal game Sparta & K play match against Fenerbache team that has not felt the bitterness of defeat, and Sparta & K wins 2-0. Here are two more wins and fifth place in the Euroleague final in a row. Unfortunately there was a better team-Avenida, Spain. In the Championship of Russia, Sparta & K has lost another final from the “eternal“ rival Ekateniburg. Sonja has played in every game of this season.
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