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Sonjas best friends are Jelena Guzina and Dragana Okanović. Friendship lasts for several years and began in the Third Belgrade Gymnasium. Sparta &K team is preparing for the new season in Moscow. Friends used this period when there is no trip to socialize a little bit in Moscow. Moscow is one of the centers of Orthodoxy. Museums, churches, temples and galleries... the rich Russian culture and history are certainly very important and useful experience.

FAN HORN                   October 2011.

If we can not play, if we can not help, then we should be fan - because it is important to be a part of game. Sonja has prepared a gift, fan horn for fan of Sparta & K and for her friends. Fan horn in this way promotes while being transferred from Serbia to Russia, will be donated to fans at one of the first Euroleague game in season 2011/12. Symbols on horn speak, Serbia loves you and that Sonja loves you and basketball in general.

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