After six years of playing in the jersey Spartak MR came time to say farewell. For several seasons the question was how and what will be parting.

With the real question is how to get over parting with all the analysis of the characteristics of many years of successful cooperation, imposed is a very important issue, which club to pursue a career. It is looking at individually, the various details, some very interesting offers: quality teams, reputation of the club, coaching staff, financial strength, mid-life. . . You should have all seen extensive and possibly make the right decision.

During 2013 we made a list of eight teams that there was a desire and the ability to talk and deal. It was a wish list. On that list was the USK Prague. Simultaneously with our desire arose the desire of USK Prague. The deal was quick and to the satisfaction of both side. We hope for the best. The red color will replace with the blue – yellow.