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Chicago sky players in FIBA Euroleague. Petrovic 17p, Quigley 13p, Vandersloot 9p. Stefan Svitek, Wisla Can-Pack Krakow Head Coach "In the last two minutes we did not manage to save some time and stop the pressure from the home team, especially Sonja Petrovic. I congratulate our competitor, who won not with luck, but with a [...]

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Sonja and Rade C&P

C & P C & P C & P C & P C & P C & P These are our first letter signs - C & P Basketball has been always in our lives.

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Interesting system of competition

This season the Czech league has an interesting system of competition. Club ZVVZ USK Praha had six players in Czech national team at the world championship in Turkey. Preparation were long and competition started in the end of September. Into consideration was taken also the European Championship next year. In order to protect players from [...]