The preparation is carried out according to the program made by several coaches. In the last five years, practice was that the program has made by Spartak MR coach, Srdjan Saric. This program was adopted and approved trainers USK Prague, Hake and Kaplan, and complete after medical tests.

Implement a program that is made for this season also by Srdjan, was very painful. Not physically, but Srdjan was present at every training session. Srdjan was on Kopaonik with the senior National team and Sonja was a promoter of the YUBAC camp. Daily encounters unfortunately replaced concern for severe disease is ever present.

So many years together in Spartak MR, so victory, success, happiness, and then comes a very sad day, a day when we realized that Srdjan is no longer alive.  Dear Srdjan,  you are with us forever and we say let’s praise and glory for all that you gave us.