World Championships for seniors finished. Soon begin a national championships and FIBA Euroleague competition for season 2014/15.
New season, new team, new family. USK Prague has a reputation as one of the best organized and highest quality European club. High professionalism on the one hand and the familiar, friendly, fair cooperation and good atmosphere on the other hand should be a guarantee of quality and success which expects.
Club, team, membership. It consists of people of different nationalities, languages, cultures, but with one common love – it’s basketball. After playing in Serbian, Spanish, French and Russian clubs, Sonja’s knowledge of English, Spanish and Russian language will contribute to better cooperation and successful work in the club.
Of course, in addition to basketball activities, there are a number of other needs and obligations. To be able to achieve maximum concentration and effect when it comes to basketball, the process of achieving the specified detail diet by a nutritionist as well as complete maintenance of the apartment there is also a mother Nevenka.