Traditionally at the end of each year Eurobasket announces the European awards for last year.

It’s 9th such ranking prepared by staff for women basketball in Europe. Eurobasket has a network of almost 300 correspondents, while most of them are located in Europe and participated in preparing the ranking.

We have the policy of not involving the fans as it may influence the final ranking and instead of that we rely on the opinions of experts.

The votes were made in two categories: All-Europe and All-Europeans.
All-Europe ranking applies to the players, who played in European leagues in last (13-14) and this (14-15) season, so it may apply also to non-European players, who played as imports in Europe.
All-Europeans category applies only to Europeans, but also these, who played overseas (mostly in WNBA). All-Europe Honorable Mention
Milica Dabovic (173-PG-82) of Union Lyon Basket Feminin
Sonja Petrovic (189-F-89) of ZVVZ USK Praha
Angela Salvadores (178-G-97) of Rivas Ecopolis
Tina Charles (193-C-88, college: Connecticut) of Fenerbahce Spor Kulubu
Jantel Lavender (191-C-88, college: Ohio St.) of TS Wisla Can-Pack Krakow
Celine Dumerc (169-G-82) of Tango Bourges Basket
 LaToya Sanders (191-PF-86, college: N.Carolina) of Abdullah Gul University