FIBA Euroleague, the date of February 12, 2014 year. Match Spartak MR – Kibirstis vici Vilnius. Sonja appearances in the FIBA EL seven years in a row. One final tournament of Euroleague with Bourges and six appearances with the team Spartak MR.

Five for five is a phrase taken from public performance and communication and that means ‘I understand and I understand it perfectly’ This phrase has found its application in many places and in basketball sport. In the NBA, it’s actually an upgrade categorization such as: double – double, triple double. . . et seq. Five for five individual achievement in basketball where a player realizes five films in five different categories, the elements, the game of basketball. NBA has all the elements of the game of basketball which defines five while other basketball organizations have not yet done.

How is it achieving unattainable and difficult to achieve is the fact that it is the European players managed only Divac i Kiralenko and to the USA does not have a dozen.
So, 12 februar.2014 Sonja plays  Euroleague game.

Performance, achievement is 27 points – 8 rebounds – 5 assists – 6 steals – 6 received fouls. The five elements of a basketball game: points, assists, rebounds, drawn fouls and steals, made by five or more embodiments.
To understand what this means, you should looking for the players who already achieve it.