At FIBA Euroleague Final Four tournament, in 2008, the Sonja is performed for the leader of the French league, team Bourges. As is often the case appeared CSKA Moscow with the aim to realize a transfer, it did not happen, but immediately reacted Spartak MR, and the transfer was quickly realized. Sonja is the summer playing for the Serbian senior national team, injuring ACL. From that moment until today Spartak MR is for Sonja and will remain – a family. Among human relations, living conditions, sports experts, the organization of the club and, above all, the success and results . . . it’s hard to describe in words so I’ll tell you, that was a reason why we were together six years.

From the early years when Sonja was a promising player to the fact that at the moment of parting the statistics was the best player of Spartak MR was so beautiful moments that will take a long time to get over the separation.

It would be very difficult to extract someone from Club, starting from the most prominent manager to young players. Therefore, gratitude goes to everyone with a little hope that Spartak MR might be our family, again.