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Chicago sky players in FIBA Euroleague. Petrovic 17p, Quigley 13p, Vandersloot 9p. Stefan Svitek, Wisla Can-Pack Krakow Head Coach "In the last two minutes we did not manage to save some time and stop the pressure from the home team, especially Sonja Petrovic. I congratulate our competitor, who won not with luck, but with a [...]

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Sonja and Rade C&P

C & P C & P C & P C & P C & P C & P These are our first letter signs - C & P Basketball has been always in our lives.

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Interesting system of competition

This season the Czech league has an interesting system of competition. Club ZVVZ USK Praha had six players in Czech national team at the world championship in Turkey. Preparation were long and competition started in the end of September. Into consideration was taken also the European Championship next year. In order to protect players from [...]

Glavni test: FENER – USK PRAHA 68 – 66

Poslednji i najvažniji test pred novu sezonu ZVVZ USK Praha je odigrao u Istanbulu protiv Fenerbahce. Bio je to izvanredan i veoma kvalitetan meč za ovaj period. Treneri su isprobali više taktičkih varijanti i igrača koje spremaju za novu sezonu. Fenerbahce – ZVVZ USK  68:66  (19:13) (12:16) (16:18) (21:19) ZVVZ USK:  Sonja Petrovic 17, Elhotova [...]

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Novi roster

ZVVZ USK Praha nova 2014/15. sezona, novi roster. L. Bartakova, I. Burgova, K. Elhotova, A. Hanusova, I. Matović, L. Palau, S. Petrović, D. Robinson, K. Vaughin, J. Vesela, E. Vitechova, T. Vyoralova. Treneri: N. Hejkova, J. Barta

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Traveling to a new basketball family

World Championships for seniors finished. Soon begin a national championships and FIBA Euroleague competition for season 2014/15. New season, new team, new family. USK Prague has a reputation as one of the best organized and highest quality European club. High professionalism on the one hand and the familiar, friendly, fair cooperation and good atmosphere on [...]

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Medical Control – USK Prague

New team, new season, the usual medical examinations and tests. Players of top clubs have two regular medical examinations, testing. This is at the beginning and at the end of the season. If a player has a multi-year contract, it is very logical because inspection and tests at the end of the season all possible [...]

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Preparing for the new season

The preparation is carried out according to the program made by several coaches. In the last five years, practice was that the program has made by Spartak MR coach, Srdjan Saric. This program was adopted and approved trainers USK Prague, Hake and Kaplan, and complete after medical tests. Implement a program that is made for [...]

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FON – closer to the Diploma

Faculty of Organizational Sciences - FON is renowned Belgrade University. Sonja is a student of the department - operations management. Proportion to its size, FON has among its students and famous athletes. For them, there is an understanding that is reflected primarily in the fact that they have specific deadlines for exams. Only seven exams [...]

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Promoter YUBAC

For the third year in a row Sonja Petrovic is promoter is YUBAC camp. This implies continuity in cooperation with the leadership of the camp gentlemen Opacic and Vukovic. Satisfaction, environment and quality working in the camp are certainly a reason why the duration of many years of cooperation. This year the camp was held [...]

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